Lesson Plans Wednesday, October 23, 2019

John Whitman
October 23, 2019

Beginner (B1)

Straight Punches

Hammerfist Forward

Front Kick Groin

Round Kick

Drill: Shared interval round; 15 seconds on then switch back and forth for 4 minutes. As hard and fast on work interval as possible!

2 times through of:

15 seconds Straight Punches (switch pad on Instructor’s call and partner immediately begins their 15 seconds of striking!)

15 seconds Front Kick Groin (switch)

15 seconds Hammerfist Forward (switch)

15 seconds 2 Round Kicks right leg, 2 round kicks left leg (switch)

Headlock from Behind

Drill: Groups of 3; 1 pad holder; 1 striker/defender; 1 attacker. Pad holder can hold for 2 straight punches or 2 forward hammerfists, 1 Front Kick Groin, or 1 round kick. At any time, Attacker can apply Headlock from Behind. Striker makes defense and immediately returns to pad.


Intermediate (D1)

Focus Mitts

Round 1: Free work, combinations 1-10

Round 2: Add 1Elbow-10Elbow (whatever hand finishes punching, throw the opposite elbow)

Round 3: Elbow Flow: on calls with the elbow, make three elbows: first elbow is across, second elbow is up (Elbow #6), and third elbow makes a downward trajectory as if over an attacker whose hands are up

Reflexive Defense v. Front Kick Groin

Choke from Behind with a Pull

Drill: A/B Drill: A’s are attackers and can attack any B with a verbal cue and then make Front Kick Groin or can apply Choke from Behind with a Pull


Advanced (D1)

Partners; 1 curved kick shield per group

Round 1: Target Recognition: Pad holder can hold for 2 punches, Front Kick Groin, Round Kick, Knee, or Defensive Front Kick

Round 2: Target recognition, but have strikers with their backs to the wall and curved kick shield holders in front of them. When instructor yells “CLINCH!” striker clinches pad holder in Thai Clinch position, throws two knees and spins them on centerline to get away from the wall, and throws non-stop knees until instructor calls “TIME!”. Reset. As many phases as you want and then switch.

Round 3: Same as Round 1 except PADHOLDER has back to wall and instead of clinch, Instructor calls “STOP!” (For safety) then “KICK!” Striker throws Defensive Front Kick and tries to sprint to opposite end of mat. Pad holder drops pad and tries to chase them and tag them with two hands. If striker is caught before touching wall, they do 5 burpees. If pad holder doesn’t catch them, 2 burpees.

Stick Overhead

Stick, Off Angle

Drill: Monkey in the Middle: Groups of 3; 2 attackers; 1 defender. Attackers can make Stick Overhead or Stick Off Angle attack, or any attack from levels 1-3.

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