KMA Force is the law enforcement and training division of the Krav Maga Alliance. Recognizing that the need of law enforcement and military units are vastly different from civilian self defense — and different from one another — we provide training specific to the needs of law enforcement and military personnel.

KMA Force law enforcement programs are taught exclusively by Krav Maga instructors who are also full time law enforcement officers.  KMA Force military programs are run by Krav Maga instructors with military combat training and experience.

We provide both “train the trainer” and end user courses, and all our training modules are customizable to suit the needs of the individual agency.

Krav Maga was originally developed for military and law enforcement use in Israel, based on combat and violence encountered by personnel in that setting.  Because policies and tactics differ in the United States and in other countries, we work hard to adapt Krav Maga techniques to the needs of individual agencies while maintaining the efficient, effective nature of the Krav Maga system.

Krav Maga has been adopted by hundreds of U.S. law enforcement agencies because it is simple, effective, and adaptable for agents of all ages and abilities.

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