Lesson Plans Wednesday, November 28, 2018

John Whitman
November 28, 2018

Beginner (B2)
Focus mitts and belly pad
Palm strikes
Elbow #1
Basic takedown
360 vs. Haymaker
Round 1: 2 palm strikes to elbow #1, defend takedown, 2 knees
Round 2: 2 palm strikes to elbow #1, defend haymaker
Round 3: After 2 palm strikes to elbow #1, striker must defend against haymaker or takedown attempt
Choke from the Front, 2 handed pluck
Drill: A/B Drill: Non-compliant Attacker. A's are roaming attackers and can attack any B with Choke from the Front. B defends and after allowing them to throw a 3-4 follow-up combatives, A can take a step back and then make haymaker or show takedown as secondary attack. B must be prepared for the potential follow-up attack.

Intermediate (D2)
Round 1: Target recognition on curved kick shield: all basic combatives, 2 punches, Front Kick Groin, Front Kick to a Vertical Target, Round kick on either side, knee. Pad holder can hold for any of the above in any order, just not the same combative twice in a row.
Round 2: Same as Round 1 + on instructor's call of "DOWN" pad holder drops pad and Striker mounts for Ground and Pound until instructor calls "TIME" at which point students return back to the drill.
Drill: Pile of Pads — half as many pads as people in the middle of the room; some pads for kicking, some for punching. Students are at either end of the room; when the instructor says “Go!” the students must CRAB WALK to the pads. If they get a pad, they hold it for punches or kicks. If they do not get a pad, they must strike non stop until the instructor calls “time!” Do 4-5 rounds.
Ground – trap and roll
Ground – defense v. choke full mount
Ground – defense v. headlock full mount
Drill: Groups of 3: A mounts B for any of the defenses reviewed in class. B makes defense, gets up, and goes to C, who is holding curved kick shield. C is keeping track of how long it took for B to improve position and holds pad for nonstop hand combatives for that amount of time.

Advanced (D2)
Partner and Kick Shield
1 2 minute round of target recognition each
Combative Stations: Multiple Lines of 5 or so depending on numbers (add G&P to a pad if you need to even the group numbers up). One minute at each station, non-stop, as hard and fast as possible. 10 seconds to transition to next pad. After full rotation, pad holders and strikers switch roles.
Round 1 Stations:
1) Straight punches
2) FGK
3) 2 round kicks right, 2 round kicks left
4) Two Straight Knees with a Switch
5) Two Front Kicks with a Switch for Advanced
Round 2 Stations:
1) 2 palms to an elbow
2) FGK to Knee
3) Forward Hammerfists
4) FKVT to Round Kick
5) 2 punches to a burpee
Gun from the Front, Pushing into Stomach
Drill: Circle of Death: Groups of 4-5. 1 person in center. Everyone else is an attacker. All attacks from levels 1-3 + Gun from the Front Pushing Into Stomach

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