Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 15, 2019

John Whitman
May 15, 2019

Beginner (B2)

Palm Heel Strike

Front Kick (groin)


Conditioning Drill: 3 minutes on the clock: 10 palm heel strikes, 10 Front Kick Groin, 10 knees, 2 burpees, switch pad. Have partner groups compete for who can get the most rounds in the 3 minutes.

Headlock from Behind

Ground – Back Position

Ground-Getting up

Drill: A/B. A’s are roaming attackers and can apply Headlock from Behind or push with pad for 10 palm heel strikes. Switch roles.

Drill: A/B meets G&P: A’s begin mounted on pads doing non-stop ground and pound. B’s are roaming attackers and can either apply (safely!) Headlock from Behind, and A must defend OR B pushes A off pad, forcing A to make Back Position and Tactical Get-Up.

Intermediate (B2)

Slipping punches

Defense v. Hook (covering)

Focus mitts

Round 1: Basic combinations. Mitt holder can throw the jab, Striker slips and comes back with a 6. Mitt holder throws the cross, Striker slips and comes back with a 7

Round: Basic combinations. Striker covers against the left hook and comes back with a 7 or can cover against the right hook and comes back with a 6.

Round 3: Basic combinations. Now Striker can slip the straight punch or cover against the hook and throw designated counters.

Advanced Preview: Gun – 2 handed cupping technique

Drill: Groups of 3; 1 focus mitt holder; 1 striker (no gloves); 1 attacker. Focus mitt holder and Striker follow Round 3 from above. Attacker can push or verbal cue. Striker faces them and Attacker holds for Gun – 2 handed cupping technique. After defense, Striker immediately returns to pads.

Advanced (B2)

Mouth of Hand Punch

Chops (inside and outside)

Drill: Target recognition on pad. Pad holder can hold for 2 hand combatives, round kick with either leg, Front Kick Groin followed by Mouth of Hand Punch, or Chops (inside or outside).

Sweep with Heel Kick.

Sweep with Forward Kick.

Cavaliers 1-4

Drill: A/B Drill: A’s attack B’s with any techniques from levels 1-3. B’s make the defense and where appropriate, show Sweep with Heel Kick or Sweep with Forward Kick or control attacker with a Cavalier 1-4.

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