Lesson Plans Wednesday, January 17, 2018

John Whitman
January 17, 2018

Beginner (A1)

Left/Right Combination

Front Kick (Groin)

Round (kick)

Drill: 30 seconds of max punches, then switch pad. 30 seconds of max FKG, then switch. 30 seconds of 2 round kicks right and 2 round kicks left, then switch. Have students keep track of their number of strikes as a team for friendly competition.

Drill: 4 minute shared interval round. 15 seconds of max punches, immediately switch the pad. Then, 15 seconds each of FKG, Round Kick, and 2 punches and a push-up. Repeat until the 4 minutes has elapsed. Emphasize that strikes should be maximum power and speed.

Choke from the Front, 2-handed Pluck

Drill: Round Robin; Groups of 3 A/B/C: A holds for punches at one end of the room; at the other end, B stands with eyes closed; C makes Choke Front, 2 handed Pluck to B; B defends, then sprints across the room while C stands with eyes closed; B makes 10 left/right combinations, then takes the pad; A runs across the room and attacks C. So all 3 students are rotating through attacking, being attacked, punching, and holding for punches.  They rotate continuously.


Intermediate (A1)

Headbutt Forward

Headbutt Backward


Spinning on centerline (review)

Focus mitts and belly pad

Drill: Combination 1: Headbutt Forward/Elbow #1/Rear Uppercut

Drill: Combination 2: Headbutt Forward/Elbow #1/Rear Uppercut/Knee/Spin on Centerline/Knee.

Drill: Striker stands in neutral stance with eyes closed, a step away from a wall. Mitt holder spins them and then gives a verbal cue. Striker opens their eyes. If they are facing the wall, with Mitt Holder behind them, they throw Headbutt Backward/turn and face/Elbow #1/Rear Uppercut/Knee/Spin on Centerline/Knee making sure to spin away from the wall. If Mitt holder is facing Striker, Striker throws Combination 2, making sure to spin away from the wall.

Advanced Technique: Gun from the Front

Drill: Groups of 3. 1 Mitt holder; 1 Attacker with Gun; 1 Defender. Mitt holder spins Striker and cues for either combination from earlier drill against the wall. Attacker can also verbal cue and make Gun from the Front. After making the appropriate defense, Defender should make space away from wall and stack attackers if possible.


Advanced (A1)

Mouth of Hand Punch

Axe Kick

Drill: Padholder calls for any number 1-10. Striker makes that number of hand combatives to the pad. Padholder can also hold for Front Kick Groin to Mouth of Hand Punch.

Drill: Same as previous drill except after Front Kick Groin, Striker throws an Axe Kick. Discuss that the target for Axe Kick in this scenario could be the back of the head if our bad guy bent over from the Front Kick Groin.

Gun from the Front

Gun from the Front, Pushing Into Stomach

Drill: Diving for the Pads or Gun: Have partners line up facing each other at the center of the mat. Some partner groups have a gun between them and some have a pad. Partners should be equidistant from the pad/gun, with elbows on knees. On instructor's call of "GO!" students attempt to grab the gun or touch the pad first. Whoever can get it first gets to be the attacker for Gun from the Front OR Gun from the Front, Pushing Into Stomach and partner must make defense. If it is a pad, the person who got pad holds for nonstop hand combatives until instructor calls "TIME!"

Note: Play with variations of distance (3 steps away, at opposite ends of the mat) and how they must get there (begin on stomach facing away from gun/pad, bear crawl, army crawl, etc.). Rotate one line at regular intervals to allow for different match-ups.

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