Krav Maga Alliance 3rd Degree Black Belts

John Whitman
August 24, 2017







We at the Krav Maga Alliance are proud to announce the addition of three new 3rd Degree Black Belts to our ranks!  Sepi Melamed, Daniel Hines, and Michael Hooker all fulfilled the requirements for a 3rd Degree Black Belt during our Advanced Testing in August 2017.  They were fantastic!

In the martial arts world, adding high level black belts can be a questionable experience. There are so many belt factories, and so many people breezing through promotions, that high ranks sometimes become meaningless.

That is not the case here.  I feel confident in saying that these individuals have earned every one of their stripes. Not only are they proficient in the highest levels of Krav Maga, they also pursue training in other disciplines including boxing, Muay Thai, and BJJ. All three have fought competitively. All three are well versed in firearms.  One of them has even been shot (not necessarily a requirement for 3rd Degree!).

In Krav Maga, they have proven excellence in defending against hand guns, long guns, knives, and sticks. They have shown high levels of skill in standup and ground fighting, and have displayed an ability to handle extreme stress while maintaining precision and aggressiveness.

Sepi, Daniel, and Michael represent both the present and the future of the Krav Maga Alliance, and we are proud that they are part of our team!



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