Lesson Plans Tuesday, April 30, 2024

John Whitman
April 30, 2024

Movement from Fighting Stance (Forward, Left, Right, & Back)
Straight Punches w/ Advance & Retreat
Drill: Partners traveling in 1 lane so as not to collide with anyone else. Pad holder has a tomb stone. Starting in punching range, pad holder will either advance one step or retreat one step. Striker will respond as quickly as possible and deliver an advancing straight punch or a retreating straight punch
Choke from the side
Drill: Groups of 4. 1 tombstone pad holder, 1 defender, 1 attacker, and 1 bystander. Defender must throw broken flurries w/ full aggression at the pad. Bystander “interferes” with Defender by body blocking the pad, pulling the defender away, or pushing the defender away. The Bystander must make it difficult, not impossible, for the Defender to get back to the pad to continue with flurries. The Defender may not hit, push, pull, or otherwise “fight” the Bystander. The defender must use footwork to get around the Bystander. At any point, the Attacker may choke the defender from either side, which the Defender will address with choke from the side defense.  

Hook Punch
Combos #3 & 4
Combos # 6 (right straight/left hook/right straight) and 7 (left hook/right straight/left hook)
Defense v. Hook Punch (extended)
Defense v. Hook Punch (covering)
Inside Defense review
Drill: defend straight or hook (left only, then right only)
Sparring: light sparring, 50% speed, with straights and hooks  

Jumping Spinning Back Kick
Thai Pads: 3, 1-minute rounds. Free-work combinations. Mix in as many jumping spinning back kicks as possible.
Ground – Guillotine
Ground – Defense vs. Guillotine
Ground Sparring: 90 second rounds. Both participants try for submissions (maintaining a dominant position is a secondary objective). Light palm strikes are allowed, particularly if any participants attempt to simply hold on and stop trying to improve their position.

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