Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 24, 2024

John Whitman
April 24, 2024


Straight Punch

Hammerfist Downward

Round Kick


Round 1: 30 seconds maximum effort Straight Punches, 15 seconds rest

Round 2: 30 seconds Straight Punches, 30 seconds Downward Hammerfists, 15 seconds rest

Round 3: 30 seconds Straight Punches, 30 seconds Downward Hammerfists, 30 seconds 2 round kicks right and 2 round kicks left

Choke from Behind with a Push

Drill: Round Robin; Groups of 3 A/B/C: A holds for punches at one end of the room; at the other end, B stands with eyes closed; C makes Choke from Behind with a Push to B; B defends, then sprints across the room while C stands with eyes closed; B makes 10 straight punches, then takes the pad; A runs across the room and attacks C. So all 3 students are rotating through attacking, being attacked, punching, and holding for punches.  They rotate continuously.



Side Kick

Back Kick

Uppercut Back Kick

Drill: Groups of 3; 1 focus mitt holder; 1 curved kick shield holder; 1 striker. Striker throwing basic combinations to focus mitts. Curved KS holder gives a verbal cue from the side or behind and holds for Side Kick, Back Kick, or Uppercut Back Kick. Striker throws appropriate kick and turns and face to follow up with 6 hand combatives, then returns to focus mitts.

Ground – trap and roll

Ground – def. v. choke full mount

Drill: A/B Drill: A’s on their backs with eyes closed. B’s are roaming attackers and can mount for Trap and Roll, apply Choke from Full Mount, OR grab a curved KS and verbal cue for Front Kick from the Ground from Level 1.



Thai Pads

Round 1: Hands only

Round 2: Hands and feet + sprawls

Round 3: Every kick combo finishes with 2 kicks. Include sprawls and clinch knees

Gun to the Side of the Head

Gun from the Side, Behind the Arm

Drill: Half the class has curved kick shields and the other half has training guns. Students randomly scatter the pads and guns across mat. On instructor’s call of “GO!” students begin running in random directions anywhere on mat. On instructor’s call of “DOWN!” students who touch a curved kick shield first get to throw Ground and Pound strikes and students who didn’t get a pad must do burpees until instructor calls “TIME!” at which point students return to running. Instructor will also call “GUN!” Students who get to a gun get to be attackers using Gun to the Side of the Head or Gun from the Side, Behind the Arm, and those who could not grab a gun in time stand in neutral to be attacked.

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