Lesson Plans Friday, December 13, 2013

Beginner (B3)

Palm Heel Strikes

Belt Drill


Combo: Palm Heel strikes, Knee

Ground- Side Position

Ground- Side Kick

Ground- Get up (from side position)

Drill: Start in ground side position, kick, get up, palm heel strike and knee


Intermediate (D3)

Focus Mitts: Hooks and Uppercuts

Drill: groups of 3, make the appropriate hook or uppercut while third person holds up a hand; striker must call out the hand motion.

Outside Defense 1-5

Outside Stabbing Defense v. Front Kick

Bearhug Behind (finger leverage)

Drill: Focus Mitts- Hooks and uppercuts,  attacker; makes bearhug behind


Advanced (D3)

Drill: Monkey in the Middle- Groups of 3, one person in the middle; strike on pad until hit with the other pad; turn with appropriate strikes and engage that pad, etc.. 75 sec. each person

Hip Throw

Drill: Sparring- Open hand,  SLOW, LIGHT,  when possible grab and SAFELY go for the hip throw.

Knife- Threat def. to dead side

Knife- Threat def. to live side

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