Lesson Plans Wednesday, November 4, 2015

John Whitman
November 3, 2015

Front Kick Vertical Target
DRILL: Recognition
Grps 2: Striker, Padholder. Grps set up in various locations. Striker neutral/eyes closed. Instructor designates some item to the be “exit” (cone, chair, etc.) Instructor cues “Begin!” Padholder gives verbal cue to Striker. Striker opens eyes, sends FKVT, scans room to find and get to “exit.” Groups repeat sequence for time as instructor moves “exit” throughout drill.

Elbows 1-3
DRILL: Cue & Do
Grps 2: Striker, Padholder. Striker neutral/eyes closed. Padholder moves around cueing for Elbow 1-3. Striker opens and sends as many of cued elbow until Padholder cues “RESET!”

Choke Front w/ Push

360 w/ Counter
Headlock Reverse (Guillotine)

FINAL DRILL: Roaming Attacker/Role Reversal
Grps 2: Attacker, Defender. One person designated as roaming attacker. Grp attackers send hooks, 360, straights to defender. Roaming attacker chooses any grp attacker to apply Headlock Reverse. After defense, defender roams to new attacker. Previous roaming attacker begins defending against whoever is left from attacked group.
Chops Inside/Outside
Sweep w/ Heel Kick
Sweep w/ Forward Kick
DRILL: Sweep Surprise
Divide class into A/B. A’s spread out around room, neutral, eyes closed. B’s roam room performing either sweep on anyone with eyes closed. Repeat for time. Switch.

Knife - Slash Forward*
Knife - Slash Backward*
*After regular defenses/disarms, incorporate sweeps.

Same drill as above, but attackers cue for either knife slash

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