Lesson Plans Wednesday, November 23, 2016

John Whitman
November 22, 2016

Front Groin Kick
Knee w/o Clinch + Front Groin Kick Combo
Groups of 2, Padholder, Striker. Striker neutral, eyes closed. Padholder gives pad tap. Striker recovers, sends Knee + FGK Combo, finishes with Straight Burst until Padholder cues to “RESET!”

360 Defense + Combo (Build to Defend + Burst/Clinch + Knee + FGK)

Choke Rear
DRILL - FINAL: Resistant Attacker
Attacker applies Choke - Rear. During defense, Attacker can back out of defense, if possible, and send 360.

Hook Punch
Hook Punch Defense (Covering)
Groups of 2. Designate Attacker and Defender. Attacker can send Straight Punch or Hook Punch. Defender defends appropriately then sends burst of Straight Punches to Attacker’s gloves, resetting on own.

Defense vs. High Round Kick (2 & 3 Points)
Same as above, but Attacker adds High Round Kick to attack list.

Groups of 2. Designate A and B. Begin facing each other. On instructor’s cue of A or B, the letter called sends Straight + Hook + High Round Kick combo. Defender defends each strike then both begin sparring as normal. After several rounds with partner, cue A or B to attack a new person. Defenders should scan room to identify new Attacker prior to getting attacked.

REVIEW: Inside Defenses High and Low
-Inside Defense
-Inside Defense Low
-High Front Kick Defense

-Front Kick Defense (Reflexive)

Knife Defense - Kick from Distance
Knife Defense - Straight Stab
Knife Defense - Back Slash

Roaming Attacker, Defenders neutral, eyes closed. Attackers give verbal cue. Defender reacts based on distance/type of attack.

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