Lesson Plans Wednesday, March 8, 2017

John Whitman
March 8, 2017


Palm Heel Strike

DRILL: Slow & GO!
Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. On instructor cue, “SLOW” means tracking padholder in fighting stance, “GO!” means all out Palm Heels.

360 Defense


Groups of 2, alternating Attacker/Defender. Defend 360 plus burst of Palm Heel strikes (can send to air, or partner covers for target). Then other person attacks.

Wrist Releases (Both leverage and striking)


Groups of 3, Defender Attacker 1, Attacker 2. Defender and Attacker 1 at end of gym, Defender eyes closed. Attacker 2 starts some distance from them. On instructor’s “GO!” Attacker 1 applies Wrist Grab, Attacker 2 begins approaching for attack. Defender must get out and address Attacker 2.



Outside Defenses 1-5

Hair Grab Front


Groups of 2, Attacker, Defender. Attacker attempts to grab the Defender’s hair (or headgear). If Defender is unable to use Outside Defense, must use Hair Grab Defense

Bearhug Front Arms Caught


Same as above, but Attacker can charge in with Bearhug.



2 Front Kicks 2 w/ Switch

One Arm Shoulder Throw

Stick Overhead Defense (incorporate shoulder throw into the defense)

DRILL - FINAL: Musical Sticks

Groups of 2, designate A and B. Sticks scattered across floor. Everyone walks randomly around room eyes slightly down. On instructor “A!” or “B!” letter called finds a stick and attacks partner. 

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