Lesson Plans Wednesday, June 3, 2015

John Whitman
June 3, 2015

Knees w/ Clinch
360 Defenses
Grps 2. Defender eyes closed. Padholder pushes off balance with pad. When defender opens eyes, padholder swings pad for 360 Defense + Burst/Clinch/3-4 Knees. Reset.
Front Choke 1-Hand Pluck
FINAL DRILL: During defense, attacker can attempt to pull away and re-attack with 360.

Ground - Strikes From Full Mount
Ground - Dismount from Mount
Front Choke Against the Wall
Hair Grab Front
Grps 2, A/B. A begins at one end of gym, mounted on Kick Shield. B stands at opposite end of gym, eyes closed against wall. On GO!, As begin all out ground and pound on KS. On RUN!, hop off pad, run to B and either cue with Choke Against Wall or Hair Grab. After defense, rotate positions.

Simple Takedown
Kicking Off From the Guard REVIEW
Grps 2. Attacker takes to ground and attempts to mount. Defender attempts to bring legs between and kick off. If mounted, defend accordingly.
Headlock from the Side, Spinning Inward
Grps 2. Attacker can apply Simple Takedown or Headlock Spinning Inward. Grapple for dominant position from wherever defense ends up.

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