Lesson Plans Friday, July 22, 2022

John Whitman
July 22, 2022

Beginner (A1)
Basic movement - fighting stance forward, left, right, and back
Knees (regular and round)
Movement drill - striker starts in neutral position, while a pad holder moves to their front, side, or rear. On the padholder's "go" the striker moves directly to the padholder and throws 3 knees.
360 defense
Choke from behind
Drill - defender begins in neutral stance while an attacker can attack with choke from behind. Roving attackers can attack with 360s either before or after the choke has begun.

Intermediate (C1)
Review low front and round kicks
Defense v. low round kick (absorb and shin block)
Defense v. front kick (redirect and stop)
Thai pad drills (both partners with shin pads) - pad holder calls combos and throws hooks to head and body. When the pad holder throws a kick, the striker defends and throws two straight punches.
Knife - straight stab

Advanced (C1)
Review 360 with counter
Review spin on center line
Knife - defense v. upward, downward, and straight stab
Drill - defender starts in a corner of the room with back to the wall (padded wall, if possible). One attacker stabs to the torso repeatedly from different angles while the defender tries to get out of the corner. The knife attacker and possibly one or two more attackers with kick shields tries to keep the defender in the corner.

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