Lesson Plans Friday, July 15, 2022

John Whitman
July 15, 2022

Palm Heel Strikes/Combo #2
Knee without Clinch
Padholder stands neutral stance, pad across torso. Striker sends knee to move/step back for Palm Heel Combo #2.

Front Kick Vertical Target
Striker neutral, eyes closed. Padholder cues, either holding pad close for knee/PH combo, or further away for FKVT/PH combo.

Front Choke - 1 Hand Pluck

Defender, eyes closed. Roaming attacker cues defender for all out palm heel (Padholder cues to reset) or Front Choke.

Review Rear Combatives: Elbow 3-5, Hammerfist Rear
DRILL: Cue & Do
Striker neutral. Padholder cues and holds pad at various distances/positions for rear combatives. Send, turn and burst in with straights/palm heels. Padholder resets.

Headbutt - Rear
COMBO: Headbutt - Rear + Hammerfist Rear + Turn + Straight/Palm Burst

Headlock - Side, play with alternatives to finger under nose (hair, eye, neck, etc.)

Defender neutral. Roaming attacker cues for Headbutt combo above or Side Headlock.

360 w/ Counter (Review)
Knife Defense v. Forward Slash
Defensive Front Kick (Review)
Full Nelson - Finger Strip
Grps 3. Defender. Knife Attacker. Nelson Attacker. Defender begins facing Knife Attacker, with Nelson Attacker behind (Not strategically the best position, but for drill). Either attacker can attack first. Defender defends appropriately, but second attacker can attack at anytime. If knife attacks first, defender should try to defend and place between nelson attacker. If nelson attacks first, should use DFK (legs) to kick off knife, if necessary.

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