Lesson Plans Friday, August 20, 2021

John Whitman
August 20, 2021

Warmup Drill: Strike Line
Padholders lined up shoulder to shoulder with each assigned a combative (straight punches, FGK, Elbow 1, etc). On instructor’s “GO!” all out strikes, on “SWITCH!” shuffle to next pad into all out strikes.

Knees with Clinch
Knees without Clinch

Pad holder stands in front of striker in neutral stance. Striker uses Knee w/o Clinch to drive padholder across gym (use same knee). Once at end of gym, striker clinches and sends all out knees until instructor cues “Time!” Repeat with opposite knee until to original starting position.

Rear Headlock

Ground - Rear Headlock*
*This is an advanced technique that can be introduced. If students are too new, swap for Side Headlock and discuss as option if “stuck” during the Rear Headlock defense.

Final Drill: Roaming Attacker
Some defenders begin standing, some seated on the ground. Attackers apply appropriate Rear Headlock. After some time switch standing/seated.

Warmup Drill: Rear Elbow Review
Groups of 3. Striker begins all out strikes to pad. Second padholder cues for a rear elbow (3, 4, or 5) striker sends elbow and turns into all out strikes on new pad.

Knee without Clinch Review (Helps enforce hip drive for DFK)
Defensive Front Kick

Mini Drill:
Groups of 2, 2 Kickshields per group. 1 KS on ground beside striker, padholder in front of pad with other KS. Striker sends a Heel Stomp to pad on ground then DFK to padholder’s pad (Not simultaneous, the striker should reset before DFK). Continue alternating 2 strikes until instructor’s “GO!” cue. Striker sprawls, runs to opposite end of gym and back for all out combative (straights, FGK, RHK). On “Time!” switch to Stomp/DFK with opposite stance/leg.

Bearhug Behind Arms Caught
Bearhug Behind Arms Free

Final Drill:
Defender transitions between standing and kneeling/seated. Attacker can apply either Rear Bearhug at various points in transition.

Warmup Drill: Shoulder Tap
Begin with shoulder, but add in knees...then stomach...then back. If there are enough people, assign students as roaming attackers to cue a shoulder tapper for a combative or apply an attack. After defending, the two swap roles, with the defender roaming to attack, and the attacker joining the new partner for taps.

360 w/ Counter (Review) - include burst, counter, wrap/control
Straight Punch Low/Defense (Review)

Knife - Straight Stab
Knife - Straight Stab, Off Angle (Live and Dead Side)

Final Drill:
Groups of 3. Padholder with focus mitts, cues striker for combinations. Attacker cues for knife attack at off angle as well as Upward/Downward Stabs, depending on level of student.

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