Lesson Plans Wednesday, November 11, 2014

John Whitman
November 11, 2014

Warmup Drill: Shoulder Tap

Knees w/ Clinch

Drill: Slow & Go Knees:
Strike based on cue: SLOW=clinch/control, GO!=all out knees. Have students mix in movement of padholder during both phases.

Sloppy Takedown Defense (Changing height, moving feet)
Drill: Attacker, holding KS, dips as if to takedown. Defender catches turns and sends 2-4 knees before resetting.

360 Defense (Upper and lower if time, but emphasize upper only if necessary)

Groups of 2. A/B. A sends 360 attacks. B defends 360. At any point, B can shoot in with a sloppy takedown. A must defend, control and can also counter.

Rear Choke

Final Drill:
Same as previous drill, but roaming attacker can attack either person in partner group.

Inside Defense Review
Inside Defense vs. Left/Right
Ground - Inside Defense (Attacker in Guard)
Ground - Guard Reversal
Mini-Drill - Inside Defense to tie up attacker and apply Guard Reversal.

Reverse Headlock Standing (Guillotine)

Final Drill:
Groups of 2. Attacker in guard. Defender reverses position, kicks off guard, gets to dominant position and gets to feet. As attacker is getting off ground, defender applies Guillotine attack.

Light sparring: 30-60s rounds. Include 360 attacks/counters
Close Quarters Practice (Headgear On):
Groups of 2: Striker sends various strikes (elbows, eye gouges, ear boxes, etc.) strike light to headgear. Partner can react to strike, sometimes moving back, creating distance for FKVT/DFK.

Tombstone Build Combos:
-Mix straights and hammerfists...
-Add elbows...
-Add clinch/knees...

Drill: Padholder strikes with pad, knocking back. Regain balance and burst in with combo.

Mouth of Hand Punch
Combo: Add mouth of hand punch to finish combo above.

Knife - Kick from Distance
Knife - Downward Stab

Final Drill:
Groups of 3. Both attackers have knives. Attacker can cue defender to open eyes attacking from various distances with downward stab. Defender sends either defense regular or kick w/ distance. If ending with attacker in clinch, try to turn to keep away other attacker. If ending with kick, has to deal with additional attacker appropriately.

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