Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 9, 2023

John Whitman
May 10, 2023

Punches- Straight Punch
Elbow 1
Basic Takedown Defense
Drill: Pad holder calls any number 1-6 and Striker makes that many punches to pad.
Drill: Same as previous drill with Striker adding an Elbow 1 after completing number of straight punches.
Drill: Same as previous drill but when Striker completes straight punches followed by Elbow 1, pad holder shows Takedown attempt by trying to touch their shoulder to Striker's torso. Striker makes Basic Takedown Defense and counters with 2 knees.
Choke from the Front (2-handed)
Choke from the Front with a Push
Drill: Dive for the Pads: Have partners line up facing each other at the center of the mat with the pad between them. Partners should be equidistant from the pad, with elbows on knees. On instructor's call of "GO!" students attempt to touch the pad first. Whoever can get it first gets to be the attacker for Choke from the Front (2-handed), Choke from the Front with a Push, or holding for 20 straight punches.

*Play with variations of distance (3 steps away, at opposite ends of the mat) and how they must get there (begin on stomach facing away from pad, bear crawl, army crawl, etc.). Rotate one line at regular intervals to allow for different match-ups.*

Inside Slap Kick
Outside Slap Kick
Drill: Combative Lines: Partners with curved kick shields line up on one line, Strikers across from them. Each pad is a station, and pad holder is always holding for that combative. Striker throws that combative non-stop as hard and fast as possible and will rotate through each station. Time domain and number of combative stations depends on number of students in class. 1 minute or less per station. You are shooting for about a 5 minute round of striking for each group, so remove/add stations as needed. Combative stations:
-Inside Slap Kick
-Outside Slap Kick
-Straight punches
-Front kick groin
-2 round kicks right, 2 round kicks left
-Forward hammerfists/downward hammerfists
-2 punches and a push up
-Burpee/plyometric station if class is odd-numbered
Ground – elbow escape
Ground – guard reversal
Drill: Groups of 3; 1 attacker, 1 defender, 1 pad holder. Defender lays down and Attacker can mount with resistance for Elbow Escape from Mount or can get in Defender's guard for Guard Reversal. Pad holder will count how many seconds it takes for Defender to improve position. Defender gets up and throws non-stop hand combatives to pad for however long it took them to improve ground position. (Pad holder calls "TIME!" when appropriate.) After striking, Defender resets drill by laying down on ground.

Thai Pads
Round 1: Free work; all combinations including knees, elbows, and kicks
Round 2: Opposite stance
Round 3: Puke Round! 30 seconds left/right combination for power, 30 seconds clinch knees, 30 seconds round kick to a sprawl, 30 seconds speed punches
Gun from the Side, in Front of the Arm
Knife – defense v. downward stab
Drill: A/B Drill with Attacker applying either Gun from the Side, in Front of the Arm or Knife, Downward Stab. Have attackers sometimes begin stabbing with training knife (safely!) while Defender's eyes are closed. Defender should make defense as soon as possible.

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