Lesson Plans Wednesday, July 10, 2024

John Whitman
July 10, 2024


Warm-up: After touching shoulders and knees have students partner for frame-hold position and change levels to defend takedown
Punches-Left/Right combination
Partners; 1 curved kick shield per partner group
Round 1: 2 punches to basic takedown defense
Round 2: Spin on centerline
Round 3: Spin on centerline to knee
Choke from the Front, 2 handed Pluck
Drill: A/B Drill: Non-compliant attacker with Takedown Defense. A's are defenders. B's are attackers. B's can give tap and A makes 6 straight punches OR apply Choke from the Front, 2 handed Pluck and then disengage after follow-up combatives OR apply Choke from the Front, 2 handed Pluck and make mimic a takedown during follow-up combatives (for safety, have students attempt to wrap high up on the waist rather than shooting low to knee level).

Uppercut Punch–emphasize adjusting the length of the uppercut to distance of the target; a standard close uppercut has palm facing self, if target is further away the pinky rotates out and angle of the arm becomes more obtuse to ensure striker is still making contact with first two knuckles.
Defense v. Low Round Kick (shin block)
Focus mitts and Shin guards
Round 1: Combinations 8 (Rear uppercut/lead hook/cross) and 9 (lead uppercut/cross/lead hook)
Round 2: Combinations 1-10; make the last punch of every combination an uppercut, i.e. 3 = jab/cross/lead uppercut
Round 3: Mitt holder can throw low round kick at any time. Striker makes defense v. low round kick (shin block)
Headlock from the Side
Drill: A's-B's-C's: A's are touching B's shoulders or making low round kick. B defends low round kick with shin block. C's are roaming attackers and can apply Headlock from the Side to any B.

Thai Pads and shin guards
Long Combo! Work muscular endurance and speed by building up to the following in stages:
Jab/Cross/R Kick/Check on the rear side/Kick back with the rear leg
Block the body kick on the lead side/7
Jab/Inside defense v. the jab/Jab/Cross
Cover against hook on the lead side/Lead hook/Rear Kick
Cross/L Kick/Rear Uppercut/L Hook
Knife – defense v. downward stab
Knife – defense v. upward stab
Drill: A/B drill with either above Knife defense.

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