Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 2, 2014

John Whitman
April 2, 2014

Beginner (B1) 

Punches Straight

Round Kick

Front Kick (Groin)- quick review

3 Round Drill

Headlock from Behind

Ground- Front Kick

Ground-Getting up (quick review)

Combination- Ground- Front kick, get up, non stop punches on pad

Drill: Groups of 3, defender starts on the ground, Front kick, gets up and attacks the pad with non stop punches, attacker; makes a headlock from behind, defender makes an aggressive defense and gets back on the ground.

Intermediate (B1) 

Side Kick

Hammerfist to the side- quick review

Combination- Side kick, Hammerfist to the side, turn to face the pad and  attack with non stop strikes, until pad holder calls time.

Choke from behind with a pull

Ground-Trap and Roll

Ground- Elbow escape

Drill: Groups of 2, defender; mounts pad and strikes from mount position, attacker; shoves defender off the pad and mounts him/her (for the sake of the drill defender allows attacker to mount them), defender; trap and roll or elbow escape to gain a better position, once the defender gains a better position they get back on the pad and continue with strikes.

Advanced (B1)

Combatives to Pad- front kicks, rounds kicks, punches, elbows, knees. etc.

Gun from Front- regular and off hand

Long Gun from the Front- Live side

Long Gun from the Front- dead side

Drill: Eyes closed-  Gun & Long gun



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