Lesson Plans Tuesday, March 5, 2024

John Whitman
March 5, 2024

Beginner (A3)
Movement- Shadow Boxing w/o Punches or Kicks
Punches- Left/Right combination
Combination- Left/Right/Right Elbow Strike
Drill: Light striking on the pad with straight punches; on the pad holder’s command (“Go”) burst in with L/R/Right Elbow 3x aggressively, then move back out and continue with light strikes.
360 Defense
Choke from the Front (2-handed)

Intermediate (A3)
Focus Mitt Combination: Right Uppercut/Left Hook
Focus Mitt Combination: Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Right Cross
Focus Mitt Combination: Right Uppercut/left Hook/Right Cross/Side Step to Left/Right Cross
Bearhug from the Front – Arms Free (space and base)
Bearhug from the Front – Neck Leverage
Drill: eyes closed; partner either pushes, defender opens eyes and makes punch combination OR partner attacks with Bearhug and defender must defend appropriately.

Advanced (A3)
2 Front Kicks with a switch
2 Back Kicks with a switch
Machine Gun Takedown (lifting & leverage on neck variations)
Circle-of-Death: 1 Defender, rest of class attacks. Pad holders approach from front or rear holding for 2 front or back kicks with a switch. Gunmen use appropriate attack angles (covered during lesson) for machine gun takedown.

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