Lesson Plans Tuesday, March 24, 2015

John Whitman
March 24, 2015

Beginner Class (A3)


Movement- Fighting Stance Moving Forward, Left, Right, Back

Palm Heel Strikes

Front Kick Groin

A/B Drill

L/R Combination


Tabatta Strikes- 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest- 4 Rounds

Choke from behind

Drill: groups of 4-5; defender is in the middle, make the appropriate strike when bummed by the or defend Choke from Behind


Intermediate (A3)

Belt Drill

Hook Punch

Uppercut Punch

Combination: Left Uppercutt/Right Cross/Switch Left Round Kick (left leg)

Combination: L/R Uppercut/Left Hook/Right Cross/Right Round Kick

Defense v. Low Round Kick (absorbing)

Drill: Light Sparring-2 rounds of 90 seconds- include low round kicks

Hair Grab Behind

Bearhug from Behind

Drill: Groups of 3; Light Sparring (open hands), one defender, one attacker and one sparring opponent; At any point during the sparring match the attacker attacks with a Bearhug form behind OR Hair Grab from behind. Defender makes the appropriate defense and continues to spar.


Advanced (A3)

Warm up with light Sparing: 2 rounds of 2 minutes, Open hand, Shin Guards on

Sparring: Gear on; 2 rounds of 90 seconds

Stress Sparring Drill:  1 round-3 min; Groups of 3, one large shield, 2 sparring opponents and one pad holder; Fighter-A; non stop strikes on pad, on instructors signal “FIGHT!” , Fighter-B advances towards Fighter A and they start to spar; on instructors  signal “BACK!” Fighter A-gets back on working the pad with non-stop

strikes- repeat!

Stick- Dead Side

Stick- Left handed attacker


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