Lesson Plans Friday, June 28, 2013

John Whitman
June 27, 2013

Beginner (B3)
Front Kick Vertical Target
L/R Combination followed by a Right Elbow Strike
Drill: "Moving Forward and Moving Back"
Moving Forward; Front Kick Vertical target, L/R combo followed by Right Elbow strike- Moving Back; Right Elbow, L/R combo followed by Front Kick to a vertical Target
Inside Defense
Round 1- Move around; Attacker make Straight punch, Defender; Make the appropriate defense
Round 2- Move around; 1 attacker and 1 defender, Instructor calls "Switch" multiple times during drill, on command defender and attacker switch roles.
Choke from the side
Choke from Front (1Handed)

Intermediate (B3)
Focus Mitts: Opposite Stance
Combo # 6 & 7
Heel Kick
Defense Against Uppercut punch
Hair Grab Side
Bearhug Behind (Finger Leverage)
Drill: "Disturbance"
Groups of 4-5
Defender in the middle, Pad Holders; Safely bump and shove defender at the same time yell and create chaos, attacker; at any given time make Hair Grab form side OR Bearhug from Behind, Defender; make the appropriate defense
Ground- Arm Lock from the side

Advanced (B3)
Spinning Heel Kick
Focus Mitts: Opposite Stance
Combo: Jab, Cross, Forward leg Round Kick followed by Spinning Heel Kick
Sliding Defense against Spinning Heel Kick
Stopping Defense against Spinning Heel Kick
Hip Throw
Drill: Hip Throw, put partner in side control and maintain a dominate position, person on bottom work to gain a better position. Once they improve their position Reset!
Stick- baseball bat defense
Stick- dead side

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