Punches- Straight Punch
Round Kick
Intro to punch/round kick combinations on curved kick shield
Round 1: 1-4 (straight punches only)
Round 2: 1K-4K (straight punches only)
Round 2: 1K-4K + sprawl to 2 knees
Inside Defenses
Inside Defense vs. Straight Punch Low
Drill: Partners. 90 second round. Straight punches to head at 30% speed, open hand punches to body at 100% speed. If A can touch B’s stomach, B owes 5 round kicks to be paid at the end of round all in one go. Switch.

Basic Takedown Defense/spinning on centerline
Thai Pads
Round 1: Free work with combinations 1K-4K
Round 2: Pad holder can mimic takedown at any time. Striker makes basic takedown defense, makes knee, and spins on centerline to 2 knees.
Round 3: Same as Round 2, but pad holder can now apply sloppy clinch and active resistance after spin on centerline to knees. Striker must maintain balance and attempt to stabilize clinch. On pad holder's call of "BREAK!" Striker will disengage clinch and make Combination #8 (Rear uppercut/lead hook/cross).
Ground – side mount position and strikes
Ground – arm lock from the side
Ground – side mount knee to belly (disengage)

Thai Pads--begin every round with 10 round kicks right and 10 round kicks left!
Round 1: Free work including punch and kick combinations, elbows, and knees
Round 2: Add spinning outside slap kick on pad holder's call
Round 3: Add cover against hook to the head and counters. If Striker covers on rear side, Striker follows up with Combination #6 (cross/hook/cross). If Striker covers on lead side, Striker follows up with Combination #7 (hook/cross/hook).
Stick – overhead defense
Stick – baseball bat defense
Stick – dead side
Drill: Monkey in the Middle: Groups of 3-4; Defender in Center, everyone else is an Attacker. All stick defenses.

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