Lesson Plans Monday, June 3, 2013

Straight Punches
Straight Punches moving forward (4 punches, feet moving)
Straight Punches moving backward (4 or 6 punches, moving back)
Round Kick
Drill: 4 punches moving forward, then make Right or Left Round Kick
Elbows 4-7
Choke from the Side
Drill: straight punches moving forward and backward on command, second person chokes from either side

Focus Mitts: Combo #3
Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Left Uppercut/Right Straight (or overhand right if you prefer)
Bearhug from Behind, Arms Free
Bearhug from Behind, Arms Free, Leverage on Finger
Drill: eyes closed, all level one self defense plus bearhug from behind

Side Kick
Combo: forward leg side kick/Right Cross/Left Hook
Plucking/Rowing Defense v. Medium Side Kick
Stick – Overhead Swing

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