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February 5-8, 2015 @ 8am to 5pm | $999

IMG_0051Learn how to teach and explain Krav Maga techniques to law enforcement officers in a law enforcement context. This course will qualify current Krav Maga Alliance instructors to teach Krav Maga tactics and techniques to police officers. In addition to applying regular Krav Maga techniques in a law enforcement context, learn arrest and control procedures and weapon retention.

The course is taught by Jeremy Stafford, Director of KMA Force, current LAPD officer and former Marine with combat experience.


Register before January 12, 2015: $999
Register January 12 or after: $1,299

To register, please click HERE.

No Refunds: please be aware that once you have registered and paid for a course, we cannot offer a refund if you fail to attend the course. We will happily apply the registration fee to a different course of your choosing.

Please list the affiliate school you train with.


From everyone at the Krav Maga Alliance, we would like to wish those in the United States a Happy Thanksgiving.

And to all of our Krav Maga family, we would like to say thanks for making this organization such a great place to be. YOU are what makes us so successful!


John Whitman



Krav Maga Alliance - Women's Abduction Prevention Training in Los AngelesAt Krav Maga Alliance, we prepare for most bad real life situations and threats. An abduction just occured in Philadelphia. The crime was caught on camera, and shows just how horrible any given night can become. This is why we train!

A woman was just walking down the street at night, all alone, and an attacker abducted her. Crimes like this are why we at Krav Maga Alliance we have created realistic seminars, workshops, and regular training drills to help women fight against these kinds of attacks. This is how we train every day!

CLICK HERE to watch the surveillance video, and especially our own video showing how WE train here at the Krav Maga Alliance headquarters in Los Angeles…


Krav Maga Alliance - Tracie Ide - 2014 Instructor of the YearCongratulations to Tracie Ide from Idaho Krav Maga in Boise, ID, for being selected as the Krav Maga Alliance 2014 Instructor of the Year!

Tracie began her Krav Maga training in the spring of 2008. Krav quickly became a passion for Tracie. She has since traveled to Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California to participate in some of the best Krav Maga training seminars currently being offered. In addition to giving Tracie the opportunity to train with other students from around the world, these seminars have given her the privilege of learning from instructors such as John Whitman, Donovin Britt, James Hiromasa and Nir Maman.

If you really want to be impressed, check out This VIDEO of Tracie at the Krav Maga Alliance – Civilian Force certification, where she fights through pepper spray!


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