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Krav Maga Alliance Krav Maga Alliance is composed of Krav Maga schools, instructors, and students dedicated to improving themselves and each other through realistic self-defense training and the continuous exchange of ideas. We have over 130 affiliates all over the world, from Australia to Italy. We provide training, certification, and ongoing support in all aspects of Krav Maga training. We provide curricula, daily lesson plans, and monthly updates with new training drills and scenarios to our affiliates.

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Lesson Plans Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BEGINNER (B3) Straight Punches Hammerfist Forward DRILL: G&P Musical Pads Everyone with Kickshield. On “RUN!” all students run randomly around the room with pad overhead. On “GO!” each mounts pad and sends all out ground and pound strikes to pad. “RUN!” everyone runs again, but instructor takes away one student’s pad. On next “GO!” round, Read More →

Technique of the Month :: Choke Defense, Pluck v. Rotation, May/June 2016

Choke Defense - Pluck v. Rotation

Krav Maga Alliance was asked why we still teach the Plucking Defense, and we wanted to provide an answer via this video. John Whitman breaks both techniques down, and gives our reason why we still have both Choke Defenses in the KMA system. Enjoy!  

Tony Cianflone :: Instructor of the Month, May/June 2016

Tony Cianflone - May 2016 Instructor of the Month

Tony Cianflone has over 31 years of martial arts experience and holds a second degree black belt in hapkido. Tony has been training in krav maga since 2003 and has also trained in several other martial arts and fighting systems, including wing chun, jiu jitsu, and DNA (Defence Lab), and is a certified Level 5 Krav Read More →