Warrior 100 Program

John Whitman
August 10, 2015
Warrior 100 Program
by Derrek Hofrichter, East Valley Krav Maga (Arizona)

Student attendance is always a focus as a school owner, as we know consistent attendance from our students will lead to progression and training with us for a longer time period.

At East Valley Krav Maga in Arizona, we always encourage our students to attend at least twice a week. Many do, but consistency varies quite a bit; especially over a year. Towards the end of 2013 I was brainstorming on how to challenge my students to remain consistent about the 2x a week attendance guideline and the idea came to me for the “Warrior 100.”

We run the Warrior 100 program for the calendar year. 2014 was our first year, and we are in the middle of running it for 2015. Our front desk software, Zenplanner, tracks attendance for us so that when someone reaches class #100 we can recognize them in class in front of everyone. We award them a special Warrior 100 school shirt and I take a photo with them, which we share on our social media outlets. We also have a poster board up in our training room that has each person’s name who makes it to 100 and the date on which they accomplished it for that year.

It has made a measurable difference in consistent attendance, as students now know we track their attendance and pay attention, and also most importantly now that there is a goal and award attached to attendance. Students know that training in bursts off and on will make it very difficult to accumulate 100 classes, so it is a great tool to keep them accountable and let them compete with each other.



Thanks to Derrek Hofrichter for this month’s Krav Maga Alliance Business Tip. Learn more about Derrek and his gym, East Valley Krav Maga - Arizona!

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