Trial By Firearms 2016: Higher Power

John Whitman
November 26, 2016

What does a Krav Maga Alliance training weekend look like?

Knife defenses against attacks at close range using multiple aggressive, chopping stabs made by non-compliant attackers .  Close quarters gun fights starting with the pistol holstered. Hand to hand fights for control of the gun against a resisting opponent. AR-15 and AK-47 training from various positions, transitioning from standing to prone and back up.  General rifle training from inside 25 meters (because, unless you are a soldier in combat or a law enforcement sniper, your need to shoot another human being from a a greater distance is essentially non-existent).

This was the training regimen at Trial By Firearms 2016: Higher Power. Attendees ranged fro absolute Krav Maga beginners to high level black belts, from firearms novices to active duty SWAT team members.  They came together to receive training from some of the highest level Krav Maga and firearms experts in the world.


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