Big Announcements for 2015!

John Whitman Talking to Krav Maga Alliance Group

Thank you to everyone in the Krav Maga Alliance.  You have helped make 2014 a great year.  Our organization has grown stronger, which means our communities are getting safer.  Keep up the good work!

Get ready for even more training and support in 2015.  We'll publish more information during the first two weeks of January, but here is a preview of NEW events we are adding:

  • Multiple Law Enforcement and Firearms Courses (many are already published on the Events Calendar)
  • FREE Instructor Training Days with Krav Maga University.  Krav Maga University is our new, ongoing instructor update program. We are organizing free training sessions in New York, Atlanta, Columbus, Austin, and Los Angeles. These sessions will take place in the Spring AND Fall, with different curricula in each season.  Keep your training updated, learn new drills, and network with other schools! Look for information coming soon!
  • Instructor Update Training in Europe. We will continue to offer free instructor updates in the Spring and Fall in Europe conducted by John Whitman.
  • Krav Maga Business College. We will run a Krav Maga business college in San Antonio, Texas on Thursday and Friday, May 14-15. The college will be conducted by well-known martial arts school consultant Paul Garcia, and we will include talks from successful school owner Pete Hardy and Paul Reavlin of Revgear.  We will focus on best practices to grow your business.  Plus, you can stay in San Antonio for Revgear University on Friday and Saturday to get more business and training experience!
  • Video Updates. We will be publishing more video updates in 2015.  Some will be made public, some with appear on the Krav Maga app, and others will be available only to instructors.

These are just some of our activities in 2015!!


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