Martial Arts Protocol: Part 1

John Whitman
November 3, 2015


One of the things that makes Krav Maga so great is it’s ability as a training system to fit into such a variety of settings. From formal traditional dojos to informal meeting places, Krav Maga teaches adults, teens and even children an incredible Martial Art. The topics I’d like to share with you today is protocol and professionalism and how it relates not only to your goals in developing an incredible business but more importantly, how it relates to the goals and expectations of your students.

Krav Maga is a martial art, martial meaning military. When in the military there are certain expectation as to the way you act and behave. All of these expectations are rooted in the bases of respect and discipline.   These patterns of respect and discipline overtime have become an integral part of every martial art.

5 reasons we need to have a martial arts protocol in place.

  1. It provides students with an authentic martial arts experience.
    • Students that seek out a martial arts experience are looking for a positive environment that promotes respect and discipline in which to train.
  2. It provides an atmosphere of respect and dignity where they feel appreciated, safe and valued.
  3. By treating people with proper protocol, you teach people how YOU would like to (and expect to) be treated.
  4. When we use proper protocol we are teaching our students how to act and behave in a martial arts school.
    • We don’t want people whether kids or adults treating the school or dojo like a gym or playground where kids are running around out of control or adult conversations get loud or crude and inappropriate.
  5. Having a protocol in place makes teaching easier.
    • How much easier would it be that when you walked on deck your students assumed their position on the mat and met you with a level of enthusiasm.
    • When students follow protocol and respect you they do a better job of listening to you and following your instruction.

Next month, I will show you how to make this happen!

WRITTEN BY PAUL GARCIA (America's Best Defense)

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