Lesson Plans Wednesday, September 3, 2014

John Whitman
September 2, 2014

Warmup Drill: Musical Pads
Each group of 2 should get a Tombstone and scatter them around mat. Students perform Shadowboxing around pads. On “GO!” students attempt to grab pad. If successful, they are holding for all out straight punches. If unsuccessful, they are striking.

Elbows 1-3

Drill: Cue & Do
Padholder cues striker for Elbows 1-3. On cue striker sends 2 elbows, turns and finishes with a burst of straight punches until padholder cues “RESET!”

Front Groin Kick

Drill: Kick Pyramid
Striker performs 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Front Groin Kicks. After each level on one side, sprawl, switch stance and do same number on opposite side.

Front Choke (2-handed)

Hook Punches

Thai Pad Work:
1. Bas Combinations 1-4, punches only
2. Bas Combinations, adding opposite side Round House Kick.

Defense v. Low Round Kick (absorbing)
Defense v. Low Round Kick (shin block)

Mini-Drill 1:
Groups of 2. Alternating Round House Kick and Defense.

Mini-Drill 2:
Same as #1 but add counter strikes after kick defense.

Hair Grab Front
Hair Grab Side
Hair Grab Behind

Final Drill:
Groups of 3: Focus Mitt Holder, Striker, Attacker. Striker works combinations to focus mitts. Pad holder can attack with round house kicks. Attacker can apply any hair grab.

Warmup Drill: Ground & Pound Drag Race
Groups of 2, lying side by side at one end of gym, with a single Kickshield at other end. On “GO!” both must army crawl to the pad. The “winner” mounts the pad into all out strikes while the “loser” distracts.
NOTE: You may encourage the partners to lightly interrupt in-transit, just ensure it does not turn into a grappling match.

Side Fallbreaks (Review)
Forward Rolls (Review)
Hip Throw
Side Headlock (Review)
Side Headlock, Spinning Inward

Final Drill:
Roaming attacker applies Headlock, defense is based on momentum of attack. Additional roaming attacker can cue for any combative or self defense (based on defender’s experience) while the defender is finishing/getting up from defense.

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