Lesson Plans Wednesday September 20, 2017

John Whitman
September 20, 2017

Beginner (A3)

Elbows 1-3

Palm Heel Strikes

Straight Punches

Drill: Groups of 3. 2 pad holders. 1 striker. Striker stands in center in neutral stance with eyes closed. Pad holders give a verbal cue or light push with the pad from the front, side, or behind. Striker must throw elbow in the appropriate direction, then turn toward the pad and follow up with 4 strong, fast hand combatives, either palms or punches, then resets back to neutral with eyes closed.

Drill: Same as above, except instead of only 4 hand punches/palms, striker sends non-stop hand combatives until second pad holder taps or gives verbal cue. Once striker is disrupted, they throw appropriate elbow and non-stop hand combatives until cued again. Remind students to vary the length of the strikes, sometimes letting them go for only a few strikes, other times having them work for longer.

Choke from the Front, 2 handed Pluck

Drill: Dizzy Drill. Groups of 3: 1 attacker, 1 pad holder, 1 defender.

Have defender stand in center with a stick. Defender holds the stick upright with one end on the mat. On instructor's "GO!" they run in a circle, spinning with their forehead touching the top of the stick. After 10-20 seconds (depending on equilibrium of the group), instructor calls "STOP!" Partners can apply Choke from the Front or tap with pad for the appropriate elbow followed up by 4 hand combatives.

Intermediate (C3)

Thai Pads and Shin Guards

Round 1: Combinations 1-4 with a kick.

Round 2: Combinations 1-4 with a kick. Pad holder can throw the low round kick to striker. Striker defends using the shin block.

Round 3: Puke round! 30 seconds power punches Left/Right combination. 30 seconds 2 round kicks right, 2 round kicks left. 30 seconds 2 punches and push-up. 30 seconds speed punches.

Bearhug from the Front, Arms Free

Bearhug from the Front, Lifting

Drill: Circle of Death. Break class into small groups of 3 or 4. 1 defender, everyone else is an attacker. Defender stands in neutral with eyes closed. Attackers can apply Bearhug from the Front, Arms Free OR Bearhug from the Front, Lifting OR any Level 1 self defense technique.

Advanced (C3)

Focus mitts; 4 minute rounds

Round 1: Free work on the focus mitts adding Spinning Outside Slap Kick to any combination ending in hook punch (combinations 3, 7, or 9). Show students how to use the hook to cover/distract from initial step across centerline that sets up spin.

Round 2: Focus mitts in opposite stance. Spinning Outside Slap Kick from opposite stance only required for black belts and black belt candidates.

Double Leg Takedown

Hip Throw

Drill: (Ground)Fight Gone Bad

One minute at each station. Call it at the last 5 seconds to allow for switch. Partners rotate stations together. 3 rounds, with 1 minute rest between rounds.

  1. Alternating Double Leg Takedown
  2. 2 punches and a sprawl on heavy bag
  3. Alternating Hip Throw with partner
  4. Ground and Pound on dummy or curved kick shield
  5. Alternating Buck, Trap, and Roll with partner

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