Lesson Plans Wednesday, September 17, 2014

John Whitman
September 17, 2014

Warmup Drill: Mirror Drill + Strike Burst on Cue
Groups of 2, striker, padholder. Both begin facing each other. Striker attempts to maintain distance as padholder moves around. On instructor's cue of "GO!" striker bursts in with all out straight punches, "RESET!" returns to mirroring movement.

Front Groin Kick
Knees w/ Clinch

Drill: Recognition
Groups of 3, striker, 2 padholders. Striker begins with all out straights to PH1. PH2 cues with verbal/tactile cue. As striker turns, PH2 positions either close (for clinch/knees) or further (for front groin kicks). PH2 cues to "RESET!", striker returns to striking PH1.

Sloppy Takedown Defense

Front Choke 2-Hand Pluck

Final Drill: Reaction
Groups of 2, defender, attacker. Defender neutral, eyes closed. Attacker applies Front Choke. Attacker can decide/attempt to react to defense, creating some distance then going for a takedown. Defender must react accordingly on distance, clinching/controlling or sloppy takedown defense.

Straight Punch Low/Defense (Review, add/focus on counters after defense)
Outside Defenses 1-5

Groups of 2, defender, attacker. Attacker sends straight punches low. Occasionally feigning low, then sending regular straight. This should result in the defender's hands being low for some attacks, requiring an outside defense. The attacker can mix in additional attacks depending on the experience of the defender.

Rear Bearhug Arms Caught
Rear Bearhug Arms Free
Rear Bearhug (w/ Lift) (if time)

Final Drill:
Same as above, but an additional attacker can apply any Rear Bearhug as the defender is defending combatives.

Side Kick (Review)
Jumping Side Kick

Groups of 2, striker, padholder, opposite ends of gym. Striker performs various exercise. On instructor's "GO!" cue, run across room and deliver a Jumping Side Kick and run back. For additional rounds, can call for a burst of any combative after the kick before resetting.

Cavaliers 1-4
Knife - Downward Stab Defense

Final Drill: Knife/Pad Scramble
Groups of 2. Determine who is A and B. Knives and Kick Shields scattered around room. Designate A or B as the attacker/defender. On "WALK!" everyone moves randomly around the room. On "GO!" attacker picks up nearest knife/pad, locates defender and attacks. Defender must defend downward stab or approaching pad (w/ jumping sidekick, if room.).

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