Lesson Plans Wednesday, October 11, 2017

John Whitman
October 11, 2017

Beginner (B1)

Straight Punch with Advance

Straight Punch with Retreat

Round Kick

Drill: Groups of 2; 1 pad holder; 1 striker. Striker performs Straight Punch with Retreat from one end of the mat to the other, then 5 round kicks right and 5 round kicks left, and finish with Straight Punch with Advance. Students switch roles and places after each round completed. As many rounds as possible for time.

Choke from the Side

Ground--Back Position

Ground--Round Kick

Drill: Groups of 3; A has curved kick shield; B is defender; C has curved kick shield and attacks. A calls "ADVANCE!" for 4 Straight Punches with Advance, "RETREAT!" for 4 Straight Punches with Retreat, or holds for Round Kick. At any time, C can call "DOWN!" and B gets to ground in Back Position, (can back fall break if they know how, otherwise just sit safely), and performs Round Kick from the Ground. C can also drop pad and attack B with Choke from the Side.

Intermediate (D1)

Inside Defense with Counter v. Left Punch

Inside Defense with Counter v. Right (2 counters)

Defense v. Hook (covering)

Defense v. Uppercut

Partner drills; gloves and shin guards on

Round 1: Partners drill combinations 6-10 back and forth in order. When A is striking, B will stand in a defensive shell position, gloves on hairline but hands not in front of the eyes. A makes light contact to B's gloves, focusing on form and speed. Once A finishes combination, A will move to a defensive shell position and B will immediately throw the combination. A little footwork and movement in between combinations is good, but this should be tiring and dynamic.

Round 2: A throws a combo from Round 1 at B, who is shelled up. B responds with a jab or a cross. A defends by inside defense or slipping, and comes back with any 3-4 combatives. Switch roles on instructor’s call.

Round 3: Now B can respond with a hook or straight punch. One full round and switch roles.

Round 4: B can respond with a straight punch, hook, or uppercut. One full round and switch roles.

If there is extra time, switch partners for varying sizes and repeat Round 4.

Advanced (D1)

2 Jumping Front Kicks

Round 1: Target Recognition on curved kick shield. If pad hold holds pad horizontally to chest, any 2 hand combatives, a vertical hold is a knee, and can hold for FKG, or round kick on either side. All combatives with legs are 1 strike and hand combatives are 2 strikes. Pad holder can hold in any order, but never for the same combative twice in a row.

Round 2: When instructor calls "UP!" striker performs 2 Jumping Front Kicks to pad.

Round 3: Instructor can also call "DOWN!" pad holder drops kick shield, striker mounts and performs fast and aggressive ground and pound strikes until instructor calls "TIME!" Partners immediately reset back to the Target Recognition.

Review Gun from the Front

Gun from the Front, Kneeling

Drill: A stands at one end of the room with curved kick shield. B is at the other end, doing 3 push ups and 3 air squats on repeat with gun next to them. A mounts pad and does 20 Ground and Pound strikes, then sprints to B, and picks up training gun. If B is standing, A attacks with Gun from the Front. A can also wait until B is in the process of getting up from push-up position to point gun and make a verbal cue, so that B must perform Gun from the Front, Kneeling. Allow time for multiple rounds before switching roles.

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