Lesson Plans Wednesday, November 5, 2014

John Whitman
November 4, 2014

Elbows 1-3
Groups of 2 (Pad holder, Striker). Striker begins eyes closed. Pad holder pushes off balance with the pad requiring striker to take a few steps to regain balance. Striker then bursts in with straight punch burst. Once striker begins striking padholder can hold ground for striker to transition to elbows, or padholder moves back, requiring striker to continue forward with straight punches.

Front Kick Vertical Target

Same as above, but if the padholder moves back, the striker sends a FKVT.

Rear Headlock

Light Sparring:
Hands only: 30s rounds, rotating partners each round. Rest only long enough to switch partners.
Feet only: 30s rounds, rotating partners each round. Rest only long enough to switch partners.

Thai Pad Work:
Bas Combos (custom combos based on experience.)
Roundhouse kick Show & Throw. Partner holds for either side kick, striker sends.
Combos + RHK. Padholder calls combo, adds RHK to end.

Defense vs. High Round Kick (reflexive)
Defense vs. High Round Kick (2 points)
Defense vs. High Round Kick (3 points)
Defense vs. High Round Kick (covering)

Thai Pad holder calls combos, at any point can send a high RHK. Add counter strikes after the kick defense is made.

Trigger Sparring - Step 1
Each round begins with one person designated to throw a high RHK. Other person defends and sparring round begins. Additional high RHK can be sent, but each round begins with that strike.
Trigger Sparring - Step 2
Designate A/B per group of 2. Begin sparring round. When instructor calls a letter, those who are the opposite letter raise their hand. Those who are the called letter run to someone with their hand up, face them and attack with High RHK, starting the next round.

Axe Kick
Sweep with Heel Kick
Sweep with Forward Kick
Cavaliers 1-2 (Can include 3 as alternative hold, if time)
Ground Axe Kick Defense (bring hands and feet up to cover and kick upward to stop kick, similar to head stomp defense on ground.)

Partner 1 begins in fighting stance. Partner 2 can perform either sweep or cavalier, taking P1 to ground. P2 then sends Axe Kick to P1, P1 defends.

Final Drill:
Groups of 3 (Attacker, defender, padholder). Padholder at one end of gym. Other two partners perform same flow as above. After defending Axe Kick, defender gets up and runs to pad to perform assigned combative. On instructor’s cue, roles switch. Defender takes pad, padholder runs down to attack the previous round’s attacker.

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