Lesson Plans Wednesday, November 29, 2017

John Whitman
November 29, 2017

Beginner (B2)

Punches- Straight Punch

Front Kick (groin)                                                                        £

Front Kick to a Vertical Target                                                        £


Drill: Combative Stations: Pad holders stand in one line with strikers in front of them. Each pad holder holds for one combative the entire round (punches, Front Kick Groin, Front Kick to Vertical Target, Knees). Striker throws for the combative on the pad in front of them for 30 seconds as hard and fast as possible. On instructor's cue, striker line has a 5 second break and rotates to the pad to their right and begins the new combative for 30 seconds. Depending on numbers, instructor can make multiple lines of pad holders and strikers, add a Ground and Pound station, and/or a station with a plyometric, i.e. 2 punches and a push-up, Front Kick Groin and a jumping air squat, etc.

Advanced Technique: Knife – downward stab

Drill: Half the class has curved kick shields and the other half has a knife. Students randomly scatter the pads and knives across mat. On instructor's call of "GO!" students begin running in random directions anywhere on mat. On instructor's call of "DOWN!" students who touch a curved kick shield first get to throw Ground and Pound strikes and students who didn't get a pad must do burpees until instructor calls "TIME!" at which point students return to running. Instructor will also call "KNIFE!" Students who get to a knife get to be attackers and those who could not grab a knife in time stand in neutral to be attacked.

Intermediate (D2)

Focus mitts and belly pad

Round 1: All basic punch combinations

Round 2: Striker doubles up the last strike of every combination, i.e. if focus mitt holder calls "3" striker throws a jab/cross/lead hook/lead hook

Round 3: Everything in round 2, but mitt holder can call "CLINCH!" and Striker pulls holder into Thai clinch and throws 4 knees.

Defense v. Hook (extended and covering)

Defense v. Uppercut

Inside Defense v. Left/Right

Drill: Wall Drill: Round 1: with gloves on and mouthpieces in, one person from each group lines up in fighting stance with back foot against a wall (defender) and attacker stands in front of them. Attacker can throw one hook, one uppercut, or the Left/Right combination and defender performs defense. Defender can move their lead foot, but must stay in the pocket as back foot must remain in place.

Round 2: After 4 or more punches from Attacker, Defender can throw one hook, one uppercut, or one straight punch in response.

Round 3: Everything from Round 2, but if Defender can pull Attacker into Thai clinch, they switch places and Defender gets to be on the outside.

Advanced (D2)

2 Straight Knees with a Switch

Groups of 3: 1 pair of thai pads, 1 KS, 1 striker.

Round 1: Free work on thai pads. KS holder can verbal cue for side kick, advancing side kick, back kick

Round 2: Kick shield holder can also call "SWITCH" and Striker must throw 2 Straight Knees with a Switch to curved kick shield, spin pad holder on centerline as human shield against Thai pad holder, and then another 2 Straight Knees with a Switch before returning to Thai Pads

Gun from the Side, Behind the Arm

Gun from Behind (touching)

Drill: Groups of 3 A/B/C. A's throw 4 straight punches or 2 Straight Knees with a Switch to B's pad, depending on hold. C's are roaming attackers and can apply Gun from the Side, Behind the Arm or Gun from Behind (touching) to any A.

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