Lesson Plans Wednesday, November 27, 2013

John Whitman
November 27, 2013

Beginner (B2)

Palm Heel Strikes (from the mount)

Front Kick Vertical Target


Combo- Front Kick Vertical Target/Knee strike

Choke from Behind

Headlock from Behind

Drill- Groups of 3, 2 Large shields;  defender; non-stop palm heel strikes from the mount, pad holder gives a verbal signal "UP", on signal defender quickly gets up and continues with strikes, attacker makes either Choke from behind or Headlock from Behind, defender; defends and gets back to working the pad from the mount. Repeat.


Intermediate (D2) 

Focus Mitts




Combo- L-Hook to the Body/L-Hook to the Head/R-Cross

Combo- Bob/Weave/R-Cross/L-Hook/R-Cross

Combo- Put both combos together!  L-Hook to the Body/L-Hook to the Head/R-Cross


Gun to the side of the head

Ground- choke from the mount

Drill: Groups of 3, 1 small shield; defender starts on their back, attacker;  choke from the mount, defender; defends, gets up and attacks the pad with non-stop strikes, attacker; Gun to the side of the head.  Reset after a successful defense.


Advanced (D2) 

Muay Thai Pads

Power Strikes- 2 Rounds of 2 Minutes, working on KO POWER!!

Round 1- Single techniques (Jab, Cross, Hook, etc...), followed by a round kick.

Round 2- 2 of every technique, followed by 2 rounds kicks.

Round 3- 2 of every technique, followed by 2 Round Kicks and 2 Knees

Cavaliers 1-4

Gun-from Behind (touching)

Gun- from Front, Pushing into Stomach

Knife- Defense v. Forward Slash

Knife- Defense v. Back Slash

Drill: eyes closed, defend against Knife or Gun.


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