Lesson Plans Wednesday, November 11, 2015

John Whitman
November 10, 2015

Front Groin Kick
Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Both begin at one end of the gym. Striker facing pad, doing jumping jacks. Instructor yells out a number. Striker runs to opposite end of gym and back to send number of kicks. Upon completing perform jumping jacks. Repeat for several rounds.

Hammerfist Side
Grps 3, Striker, 2 Padholders. Padholder calls numbers for kicks. Second padholder cues for either side hammerfist. Striker transitions to new pad for kicks.

Choke - Rear
Grps 3, Striker, 2 Padholders/Attackers. Same as above, but second person can cue for side hammerfist or attack with choke.

Ground & Pound
Rnd 1: Grps 2. One on back holding pad, one in mount. Instructor cues for all out strikes, on “SWITCH” pad passes and other person begins striking. Repeat for several rounds.
Rnd 2: Grps 2. Striker mounted on kickshield. All out G&P, other person attempts to distract by pulling shoulder, wrapping arms, etc.

Ground - Trap, Buck & Roll
Ground - Defense v Choke Full Mount
Ground - Defense v Headlock Full Mount

DRILL - FINAL: Role Reversal
Grps 2, Attacker, Defender. Both begin at one end of gym, defender on back arms spread, eyes closed. Attacker can mount and choose from attacks above. After defense, defender runs to opposite side of room and back, mounts and attacks. Continue to rotate for time.

Mouth of Hand Punch
Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker sends Front Kick Vertical Target then padholder holds pad for any strike. Striker identifies and sends striker. Padholder continues to move pad for a total of 3-5 strikes before resetting.

2 Front Kicks with a Switch
Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Padholders scatter around gym. Strikers must bearcrawl to a pad, perform kick combo, the crawl to another pad. Repeat at least until every padholder is visited by each striker.

Knife - Kick From Distance

Grps 2, Defender, Attacker. Defender neutral, eyes closed. Attacker can cue with any knife attack, but should incorporate some longer threats for kick defense.

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