Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 5, 2021

John Whitman
May 5, 2021

Left/Right combination
Left/Right/Right Elbow Strike
Drill: light striking on the pad with straight punches; on pad holder's command ('Go!") burst in with Left/Right/Right Elbow aggressively, then move back out and continue with light strikes.
360 Defense
Choke from Front (2- Handed)
Advanced- downward stab
Drill: Non compliant attacker!!
Groups of 2, one knife; attacker; choke from front, after defender's initial defense, attacker takes a step back and attacks with a downward stab.

Focus Mitt- 3 rounds of 3 minutes
Basic Takedown Defense/Spin on centerline
Drill: Focus mitt holder moves around, either gives signal for combinations, or shoot in and the puncher must defend
Ground- Guard Reversal- work both sides
Ground- Elbow Escape
Flow Drill: Guard Reversal; bottom person makes Elbow Escape to Guard; Guard Reversal, repeat!
Ground: def v. choke full mount

Tabata thai pads (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) round 1- Left and Right punches, round 2- right round kicks, round 3 - Left round kicks, round 4- sprawl, right cross/left hook
Cavaliers 1-4
Advanced Gun- from the front, assailant pushing
Advanced Gun- from the front, assailant pushing, slapping, kicking

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