Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 25, 2016

John Whitman
May 25, 2016

Front Groing Kick
DRILL - Pendulum
Grps 2, Striker, Pad Holder. Padholder holds for FGK, slowing moving the pad in a “U” shape. Striker sends continuous kicks, transitioning from FGK to RHK and back based on position of pad.

Elbows 1-3.
DRILL - Cue & Do
Grps 2, Striker, Pad Holder. Padholder moves around Striker, positioning pad for appropriate elbow and cueing to “HIT”.

Choke - Front (2-Hand)
Grps 2, A/B. Alternate attacker/defender each round. Defender moves through defense in slow motion, allowing counter-strikes to actually make contact. Each round, defender should look to send a different series of combative to finish.

Roaming attackers, apply chokes as hard as possible.
Note 1: SAFETY. Instruct/practice attackers applying pressure to sides versus trachea.
Note 2: Discuss Raise/Turn defense (Choke Front w/ Push) as backup option prior to drill.

Grps 2, A/B. A begins on back holding Tombstone, B mounting. On “GO!” B sends all out strikes to pad. “SWITCH” A passes pad to B and begins striking. Alternate for several rounds. Switch positions. Repeat for a total of 2 series, each person having 2 rounds per position.

Ground - Trap and Roll
Ground - Choke Full Mount
Ground - Arm Bar from Guard
Ground - Guard Reversal

DRILL - FINAL: Roaming Roll Reversal
Determine A/Bs. A’s begin on back, eyes closed. B’s roam, either entering guard or mounting. A’s defend appropriately/try to achieve dominant position. If successful, B’s assume ground position. A’s roam looking to attack a new B.

DRILL - WARMUP: Strike Line
Determine A/B. A’s line up shoulder to shoulder with Tombstone. Assign each Pad Holder a combative, alternating between
Rnd 1: Straights or Front Groin Kick
Rnd 2: Hammerfists or Knees
Each striker will perform both rounds BEFORE switching. Only take enough time between Rnd 1 and 2 to explain/designate new combative assignments for padholders.
Review: Gun Front
DRILL: Resistant Attacker, Gun
Grp 2, Defender, Attacker. Once defense begins, attacker should attempt to resistance however possible. Rotate, one-for-one.

Review: Resistant Attacker, Knife
Grp 2, Defender, Attacker. Once defense begins, attacker should attempt to resistance however possible. Rotate, one-for-one.

Grp 2. Same as above, but defender should begin eyes closed. Attacker can choose which weapon to attack with. Continue to rotate one-for-one.

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