Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 24, 2017

John Whitman
May 23, 2017


Palm Strikes

DRILL: Slow & GO! - Palm Heels
Groups of 2, Striker, Pad. On “Slow” striker stays square to Pad, moving as necessary. On “GO!” Striker sends a Palm Heel burst.

Ground Back Position

Ground Back Getup


Groups of 2, Striker, Pad. Strikers begin in Ground Back Position, eyes closed. Pads begin some distance away. On “OPEN!” Striker must Getup as Pad begins moving toward. Depending on distance, Striker should return to Ground Back Position OR send a Palm Heel Burst.

Choke Rear (Work to both sides, if time.)

Group of 3, Defender, Pad, Attacker. Defender begins in Ground Back Position. When ready, Defender does a Getup and sends a Palm Heel burst. Attacker applies Choke. Reset after defense.



Ground Trap, Buck, & Roll

Ground Choke from Mount

Ground Passing the Guard to Mount

Ground Headlock from Mount

Ground Arm Bar from Mount


Defenders scattered on backs, eyes closed. Attackers mount any Defender applying any mounted attack above. Defender rolls, Passes to Mount, sends counters and finishes with Arm Bar/“Break”. Defender then gets up and roams to attack, as Attacker remains becoming a Defender.



REVIEW: Takedown Defenses

Basic Stopping

Spinning Offline


DRILL1: Slow & GO! - Knees

Groups of 2, Striker, Pad. On “Slow” striker clinches/moves Pad. On “GO!” Striker sends a Knee burst.


Groups of 2. Alternating between takedown attempt and defense.


Groups of 2. Striker, Pad. Padholder rushes in randomly, attempting to get Kickshield to Striker’s hips. Striker defends as necessary, finishing with Knee burst or strikes on ground if sprawling.

Gun Rear (touching)

Gun Rear (touching, no space)


Groups of 2, Defender, Pad. Defender/Pad are doing Slow & GO! drill above based on instructor cue. Selected groups roam attacking Defenders with either gun defense regardless if Defender is in the middle of kneeing or just in clinch.

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