Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 20, 2015

John Whitman
May 19, 2015


Warmup Drill: Palm Heel Strike Slow & GO!
Grps of 2. On instructor cue of GO! all out PH, on SLOW! slow to fewer strikes focusing on power.

Hammerfist Side

Elbow #2

Rear Headlock
*After practicing the regular defense allow defender to practice intercepting and countering.

Final Drill:
Defenders eyes closed. Roaming attackers attempt to apply Rear Headlock. Defender can react ASAP.
Grps of 2, some with PH/Striker, others designated as roaming attackers. PH/Strikers work all out Palm Heel strikes. Roaming attackers attempt to apply Rear Headlock. Striker can defend ASAP.

Basic Takedown Defense/Spinning on Centerline

Grps 2. Attacker/Defender. Attacker sends various upper body strikes, defend bobs/weaves/slips as necessary. Attacker can also shoot in for takedown attempt.

High Round Kick Defenses (Reflexive, 2 Points, 3 Points, Covering, as time permits)

Drill: Same as above but attacker can send High Round Kicks

Trigger Sparring:
Grps of 2. Designate A/B. On instructor’s cue, the called letter is responsible for “triggering” the round with any upper body strike or high round kick. Partner defends accordingly and begin sparring.
10-20 second rounds. Switch partners occasionally.

Warmup: Body Hardening Swarm
Grps 2 to start. Designate A/B, both gloves on. On instructor’s cue, partner called covers and absorbs strikes for about 10 seconds. Instructor calls out one student’s name and all others surround and strike. Return to groups of 2. Instructor works through calling each student’s name.

Gun Front 1 and/or 2 Hand (Live and Dead Side) Review
Gun from the Front, Pushing Into Stomach (if time)
*For all attacks have attacker build reaction/resistance to the defense.

Final Drill: Open/Close + Gun
1 Defr, 1 Atkr, Everyone else PH(kick shield). Defender begins in middle surrounded by PH, touching. Attacker circles the outside. PH jostle defender. On instructor’s OPEN! cue, padholders move apart, on CLOSE! padholders move close and jostle. At any point attacker can present gun.

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