Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 18, 2022

John Whitman
May 18, 2022

Left/Right Combo
L/R + R Elbow
L/R + R Elbow + Clinch/Knee
L/R + R Elbow + Knee/Knee + 90 Degree Pivot
Grps 3-4+, Striker, others Padholders. Padholders make a circle around Striker. Striker circles in center in fighting stance. As Striker squares to a Padholder, Padholder can walk forward randomly. Striker reacts, sending Combo above, resetting in center.

Ground - Back Position
Ground - Getting Up
DRILL-FINAL: Tueller Drill
Grps 2. Padholder, Striker. Strikers begin in Ground Back Position, Padholders line up in front of them from various distances. When Striker begins to get up, Padholder begins moving forward. When Striker gets to feet, Striker sends portion of combo above beginning with Punches, Elbow or Clinch/Knees depending on distance of Padholder.
BONUS: Instructor should walk around gym through drill. As Strikers finish combo, they should orient the Padholder between themselves and the instructor.

Hook Punch
Hook Punch Defense (Covering)
Grps 2, Padholder, Defender. Both standing across from each other. Padholder keeps a hold of one end of pad, throwing the other end out to simulate a hook punch. Defender uses Covering defense then bursts in with upper body strike burst (punches, hammers, elbows)

DRILL: Bas #3 w/ Defenses
Grps 2, Gloves on. Alternate Striker, Padholder (using gloves). Striker sends Bas #3 sending Hook to partner’s head. Partner should cover/defend. After defense Striker should cover and partner sends mixture of 10 strikes high/low.

Defense vs High Round Kick (2 and 3 Points)
Grps 2, Padholder, Defender. Same as above but Padholder should swing pad to simulate high round kick. After defense, Padholder should position pad allowing Defender to burst in with inside Round House Kick

Grps 2, A/B. Designate a letter to trigger. On “BEGIN” round can begin with a Hook Punch or High Round House Kick. After defense, spar for 20 seconds. Alternate who triggers as well as switch partners.

Mouth of Hand Punch
MOH Punch + L/R Elbow
Add Clinch/Knees burst to finish.

Chops (Inside/Outside)
L/R Straight + L/R Elbow + R Outside Chop + L Inside Chop + Add Clinch/Knees burst to finish.

Cavaliers 1-4

Knife - Straight Stab (Add Cavalier takedown to finish)

DRILL - FINAL: Roaming Attacker
Defenders spread out, neutral, eyes closed. Attackers roam either cuing for Combo above or verbal cue and Straight Stab.

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