Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 13 , 2015

John Whitman
May 12, 2015

Straight Punches
Front Groin Kicks
Ground Position/Getup

Final Drill:
Grp 2. Defender begins on ground. On instructor’s GO! cue, padholder approaches from varied distances/speeds. Defender must get up and send appropriate strikes to pad based on distance.

Inside Slap Kick
Outside Slap Kick
360 w/ Counter
Knife - Downward Stab

Final Drill:
Grp 2. Defender eyes closed. On cue, attacker presents knife. Defender attempts to Slap Kick knife out of hand. If unsuccessful, attacker can attack with downward stab.

Sparring: 2 vs. 1. 5x10s each person. Rotate defender after each 10s.

Gun from the Side, in Front of the Arm
Gun from the Front, Pushing into Stomach
Advanced Gun - from the front, assailant pushing

Final Drill:
Grp 3, Defr, Atkr, Distractor. Distractor has gloves on. Defender covers and Distractor can punch, kick, pull, twist, etc. Attacker presents any of the above gun attacks. Defend and distractor begins again.

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