Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 11, 2022

John Whitman
May 11, 2022


Punches Straight

Knees/switch knees/ knees from thai clinch

Drill: Introduce Muay Thai Pads- 3 rounds of 2 minutes

· Round 1- Combinations using only straight punches and Knees

· Round 2- Straight punches/Knees/non-stop punches for the last 30 Seconds

· Round 3- Straight punches/knees/sprawls

360 Defense

Choke from Behind

Drill 1: Eyes closed defend 360 OR Choke from Behind

Drill 2: Non-stop knees from clinch position, defend Choke from Behind.



Knees/switch knees/ knees from thai clinch- quick review

Conditioning- Tabatta Knees; :20 Sec work; :10 Sec Rest (well, not really!); 8 rounds

· :20 seconds of non-stop knees; :10 seconds squat and hold

Basic Takedown defense

Drill: striker delivers non stop knees on pad, anytime during the round, pad holder changes levels to simulate a takedown, striker must make the basic takedown defense and continue with knees

Ground- Trap and roll

Ground- Elbow Escape

Drill: Groups of 3, one large shield; attacker puts defender in full mount; defender must defend against the mount using today’s ground techniques to get to his/her feet and then attack the pad with non-stop knees until pad holder calls time! Rest!

**attackers should make it difficult (not impossible) for defenders to get out of mount position**



Warm up- basic strikes

Drill: Monkey in the middle drill

Spinning Heel Kick (both sides)

Kicking Combo- L-Round kick,/R-spinning hook kick

Gun from Behind (touching)

Advanced Gun- from the Side or Behind, assailant using off hand

Drill: Monkey in the middle drill; defend Gun from Behind OR Advanced Gun- from behind or side, using off hand

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