Lesson Plans Wednesday, March 9, 2016

John Whitman
March 8, 2016

Palm Heel Strike (from mount)
Hammerfist Strike (from mount)
Elbow 1 (from mount)
Everyone begins mounted on kickshield. Instructor cues for any of the strikes above. Strikers send all out strikes. On “SWITCH!” strikers get up, find and mount another pad, waiting for next cue.

360 Defense
Grps 2, defender, attacker. Defender begins mounted on kickshield. On “GO!” performs ground and pound. On “UP!” defender gets to feet and attacker sends 360 attacks. On “DOWN!” defender returns to strike in mount.

Ground - Back Position
Ground - Back Getup
Grps 2. Same as above, but instead of “UP!” cue, on “ATTACK!” attacker grabs shoulders and “throws” defender off pad onto back (if no back fall break, great). Defender gets up appropriately and defends 360 attacks until “DOWN!” cue is given.

Grps 2, alternating attacker/defender.
Rnd1: One person attacks with a 360 or straight punch, other defends. Switch after each attack/defense.
Rnd 2: Same as above, but attacker must perform [insert exercise here] after attacking.

Outside Defense 1-5
Grps 2, defender, attacker/padholder. Padholder stabs end of tombstone sending a “straight punch”. Defender should use outside defense. After defense padholder adjusts pad hold for straight burst. Padholder cues to reset.

Bearhug Behind Arms Free
Bearhug Behind (Leverage on Finger)
Grps 2, attacker, defender. Attacker sends strikes for outside defenses. Choose another partner group(s) to roam and apply Bearhug Behind to any other ATTACKER.

WARMUP: Sparring
*30-60s, switch partners after each round.
Rnd 1,2: Hands Only
Rnd 3,4: Legs Only
Rnd 5,6: Hands and Legs

Spinning Heel Kick
Sliding Defense v. Spinning Heel Kick
Stopping Defense v. Spinning Hell Kick
*30s rounds
Decide A/B in group. A/B begins round with Spinning Heel Kick, other defends, then begin regular sparring. Other person attacks to start next round.

Stick - Baseball Bat Defense
DRILL - FINAL: Roaming Attacker
Defenders neutral, eyes closed. Attackers give verbal cue and send Spinning Heel Kick, Baseball Swing, or any level appropriate attack (At least L1-3).

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