Lesson Plans Wednesday, June 26, 2019

John Whitman
June 26, 2019

Beginner (B3)

Punches- Straight Punch

Hammerfist to the Side


Drill 1: Groups of 3: Striker, 2 Padholders. Padholder 1 holds for 4 straight punches or 2 knees. Padholder 2 gives verbal cue for Hammerist to the Side followed by 4 punches. Striker then returns to Padholder 1.

Drill 2: Vision Drill: same as previous Drill 1, but Padholder 2 can drop pad and stand at a 45 degree angle in front of Striker and hold up a hand; striker must call out how many fingers they are holding up.

Drill 3: Same as Drill 2 but Padholder 2 can make motion of drawing gun from waistband or knife from pocket. Striker calls "GUN" or "KNIFE"

Choke from the Side

Final Drill: Same as above, but Padholder 2 can tap or verbal cue for Elbow or Hammerfist followed by 4 straight punches, mimic gun or knife motion, or apply Choke from the Side.

Intermediate (B3)

Side Kick (with and without advance)

Back Kick

Groups of 3; 2 curved KS holders; 1 striker

Round 1: Target recognition on Pad 1 (2 hand combatives, Front Kick Groin, Round Kick, or Knee), Pad holder 2 can verbal cue at close range or mid-range for Hammerfist/Elbow from side or behind + 6 hand combatives

Round 2: Padholder 2 can also verbal cue from further away for Side Kick or back kick. Striker makes appropriate combative for the range and follows up with 6 hand combatives.

Round 3: on "DOWN!" Striker lays flat on stomach and pad holders dog pile. Once Striker is out, nonstop G&P until instructor calls "TIME!" then back to drill

Hair Grab from Behind

Bearhug from Behind (lifting)

Final Drill: Round 2 from earlier but Padholder 2 can drop pad and make Hair Grab from Behind or Bearhug from Behind (lifting). Striker makes defense and then returns to Padholder 1.

Advanced (B3)

Spinning Outside Slap Kick

Focus mitts

Round 1: Free work using combinations 1-10 + 2Reload (Jab/Cross/Cross/Hook)

Round 2: Round 1 + Combinations using elbows

Round 3: Add in Spinning Outside Slap Kick

Hip Throw

Face to Face Throw

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