Lesson Plans Wednesday, June 16, 2021

John Whitman
June 16, 2021


Palm Strikes/Elbows review

Combo: Left/Right/Right Elbow

Knees (emphasize with a switch)

Choke from the Side (both sides)

Drill: Barricade Drill – knees until pad holder tells you to run; push through barricade of pads; punch target at end; 2nd attacker makes Choke from the Side



Thai Pads: Combo #3 with knee

Thai Pads: Combo #4 with knee

Bearhug Front and Behind, Arms Free

Bearhug Front, Lifting

Bearhug Behind, Lifting

Drill: groups of 4; one person in the middle, two hold pads. The defender strikes targets as instructed; at any time, the last person can make any of the bearhugs practiced in this class.



A/B Drill w/sprawls: striker; 3 Sprawls before sprinting to the other pad

Ax Kick

Combo: Front Kick-groin/Ax Kick

Stick- Overhead

Stick- Baseball bat swing

Drill: Defender; non- stop sprawls, attacker gives a verbal signal and makes stick attack. Defender; makes the proper defense and continues with sprawls.


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