Lesson Plans Wednesday, July 8, 2015

John Whitman
July 7, 2015

360 Defense

Padholder swings tombstone at any angle for 360 defense. After defense, padholder immediately pulls pad to chest for straight punch burst. Padholder cues defender to “reset!”

Front Groin Kick
Front Choke 2-Hand Pluck

FINAL DRILL: Roaming Attacker + Resistance
Defenders neutral/eyes closed. Attacker applies Front Choke. Attacker can choose to allow defense to be completed or step back and burst forward with 360 attack. Defender defends accordingly.


WARMUP DRILL: Slow & GO! Ground & Pound
All students mounted on KS. On GO! all out G&P, any strikes. On SWITCH! student quickly transitions to mount pad facing opposite direction. Alternate cues for several rounds.

GROUND: Forward Roll + Back Fall Break

GROUND: Kick off from Guard

Defender performs forward roll + back fall break. Attacker enters guard and attempts to pin to ground. Defender makes space and performs Kick off from Guard.

GROUND: Side Choke

Same as above, but attacker has option of entering guard or applying side choke.

Sparring: 2 vs 1
Grps of 3 (A, B, C) - A begins defending. After 10-20 seconds, instructor calls another letter to defend. Rotate through each person defending versus the others. 30 seconds rest. Repeat for rounds, changing order of defenders each round.

DRILL: Push/Control/Knee
Grps of 2, padholder, striker. Striker stands neutral, eyes closed. Padholder places pad across chest and walks through striker from any angle. Striker opens eyes, clinches/controls padholder, turning if necessary, and begins sending all out knees. Instructor resets.

Advanced Gun - Behind, Close (Hug Defense)
Advanced Gun - Front, Under Chin, Holding Hair, In Mouth, etc.

FINAL DRILL: Roaming Attacker
Defenders eyes closed, neutral. Attackers can cue for a burst of any combative (punches, hammerfists, kicks, etc.) or cue for either gun defense.

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