Lesson Plans Wednesday, July 23, 2014

John Whitman
July 22, 2014

Warmup Drill: All Run
Rnd 1: On “Run!” cue all students run randomly about the room, changing direction every couple of steps. Alternate between cues to “Run!” and various exercises (pushups, squats, situps, etc.)
Rnd 2: Students perform a 3-4 step burst/sprint, decelerate, change direction and sprint again.

360 Defense (at least upper defenses, include lower based on time)
Palm Heel Strikes
Wrist Releases
Wrist Pull Defense (Burst & Palm Heel) - include various angles
This is highlighting the "non-soft" response to a more aggressive wrist attack.

Final Drill: Fish Tank
Mark off an area using cones. One student is designated as the attacker. All students enter the area and begin walking around randomly. Eyes should be looking toward the ground to increase surprise. The attacker can select any student to either apply a wrist pull or push and send multiple (3-4) 360 attacks. After defending, the defender becomes the attacker, walking among the students looking for a victim.

Thai Pads:
-Warmup with upper body combinations (based on class experience)
-Jab/Cross combo + Rear elbow
-Round House Kick (Forward or Rear)
-Combo: Padholder cues for either side RHK + Jab/Cross + Rear Elbow

Defense vs Low Round Kick (absorb)
Defense vs Low Round Kick (shin block)

Combo: Same as above, but after combo, padholder can attack with either side RHK, requiring striker to block accordingly.

Rear Choke w/ Pull

Final Drill:
Striker (no gloves on), Padholder and Attacker. Padholder cues for either side RHK, then sends RHK attack. Attacker applies rear choke w/ Pull. Striker defends and returns to pad work.

Warmup Drill: Slow Work
Any Level non-weapon self defense (based on experience of class) but defense is performed SUPER slow. All strikes should actually make contact but at a speed where no injury can occur. Focusing on crisp movement and accurate counter strikes. Rotate defender/attacker after each attack/defense.

Straight Punch/Knee Review:
Padholder (KS) can cue for “2” (Jab/Straight Combo), “Burst” (all out straights) or “Knees” (all out knees

Drill: Distraction
Group of 3. Striker sends all out straight punches. Third person has two options:
Use hands to grab at striker’s shoulders, arms, hands, etc. to disrupt striking, depending on skill level, can also send strikes to striker’s head, stomach and legs.
Can hold pad across body, shoulder pushing striker from rear off angle, requiring striker to turn, clinch and send all out knees. Padholder cues to “RESET!” and striker returns to punches on original pad.

Advanced Gun - from behind, attacker close (hug defense)

Final Drill:
Same as above, but third person can add in gun attack in addition to distraction options.

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